Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Monster: Killer Crab

Seriously, where did he get the knife?
Brief: Killer Crabs are a large size, often evil aligned crustacean found in sunken ruins, reef caves, and hidden on large pirate ships. While lacking any true intelligence, they have a certain cunning and desire to kill and consume with a special hatred for humanoids. This maybe due to many humanoids love for boiling crabs. Killer Crabs can be tamed and used by other underwater races, such as merfolk, to serve as guardians UNLESS a Killer Crab has embraced being a sacrificer to an old one. Its mind then not only to consume, but also to carve out hearts with a special knife it receives from its patron. Such an act is not only considered monstrous, but also confusing. Many adventurer has asked: Seriously, where did he get the knife?

Killer Crab

Armor Class: 15
Hit Points: 26 (4d10+4)
Speed: 30 ft., climb. 30 ft., swim 30 ft.

Attributes: Strength: 16 (+3), Dexterity: 14 (+2), Constitution: 12 (+1), Intelligence: 2 (-4),
Wisdom: 11 (+0), Charisma: 4 (-3)

Skills: Stealth: +7
Senses: Blindsight 10 ft, darkvision 60 ft., passive Perception: 10
Challenge: 1 (200 xp)

Crab Climb: Crabs can climb difficult surfaces, including upside down on ceilings, without needing to make an ability check.

Coral Walker: Crabs ignore movement restrictions that may be caused by moving through rough surfaces such as coral.


Snip! - Melee Attack: +5 to-hit, 5 ft. reach. This attack deals 1d8+4 damage (8 per hit) bludgeoning damage. The target struck is grappled with a DC of 11 to escape. The crab can grapple up to two targets by using both of it's claws.

Conjure Knife (Recharge: 5-6): +5 to-hit, Range: 20/60, Some Killer Crabs are sacrificers. These crabs are able to conjure masterwork daggers to use as weapons dealing either melee damage of 1d4+5 (7 per hit). This knife can be thrown at a target and on the subsequent round can 'appear' back in the crabs hand, making adventurers constantly wonder seriously, where did he get the knife?

Once the Killer Crab has been slain, the knife can be collected as an ordinary, but possibly expensive looking dagger. It may also be cursed, depending on if the GM thinks it would make a good MacGuffin.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Borderlands: Port Kyna and Port Kyna Encounters

Port Kyna

The Port, The Horned City

Port Kyna is the largest of the Borderland city-states in the region. Originally a fishing village that morphed during its occupation by outside elements, notably the Seastrider Minotaur, The Port as is it's common sobriquet is now a bustling, cosmopolitan city-state. Almost all walks of life can be found among the stone-and-stucco buildings, living out their daily lives on those cobbled streets. Being a prime destination for outcasts, rebels, and rogues, crime is very rampant within the Port. The safest areas include The Gray Square and Starfish Isle while North District is an urban awash in bloodfeuds and tenuous alliances. The Seastrider Minotaur are a powerful force with its patriarch, Lygar Seastrider ruling as the Port's 'Prince'.

Quick Facts

-The Fairground Market hosts the largest collection of the Polenza People. The travelers are a mysterious, often sullen bunch who are known to sell palm readings, charms, and card readings. Quite a number are musicians, and even more are known to be pickpockets. The Polenza have allowed to congregate in exchange for caring for Minotaur in the field.

-House Stillwater is a female-lead branch of criminal within North District, specifically Paradise Fountain and Lamb's Dive. Florence Stillwater is its Matriarch. Her staff include her daughters Meriweather and Lizbeth, the Gnome apothecary Phillipa Twist, and Minotaur huntress Sallie Banethorn

-Wynstann "The Black Ogre" Wakefield is an Ogre Magi boss who has influence in the Dock's District. He is often known as The Dandy as he loves wearing (and can afford) the latest fashions. He also likes to crush people by hugging them to death.

-Starfish Island houses merchants and sea captains who have struck it rich. It requires a pass issued by either the guards of bridge gate of the Gray Square to gain interest. The Starfish Run is when Rogues disguise themselves as servants, maids, and butlers to gain access and steal from these well-to-do folks. This act is called Turtle Doving.

-Population boasts a high population of Orcs, Goblinoids, Minotaur, and Dragonborn due to migration from the north of natural birth to the region.

An Encounter Table in Port Kyna

A pirate/sailor working with a treasure laden ship is looking for assistance or makes a great target.
Mercenaries, drunk on cheap beer and bravado are spoiling for a fight.
Polenza cutpurse, possibly sees either an easy mark to take or plant a MacGuffin on.
A group of anarchists wish to overthrow the Seastrider Rule and institute a new government.
A brood of giant rats possibly under the command of a Wererat.
A blue goblin artificer is trying to unlock secrets of the mind and is using experimentation to do so.
Press-gang attempt. They will either snare you with soft skirts or just a bonce to the head.
Look out! Corrupt watchmen are on the lookout for shakedowns. The average watchmen is a Minotaur or Orc. You can tell what gangs they belong to by the color of bandana they wear on their arms.
A friendly Elven rogue with pink strings to her bodice has approached the party. She’s in trouble with a local gang and could use the help.
A Sharkfolk corsair is suffering from the effects of the lust. He’ll owe you if you can get him under control, but right now he is hungry for blood.
A Tortle herald has come to the city. He claims he represents a Dragon Turtle who is looking for the sea captain that slew her mate.
An associate of House Stillwater has approached the party to either demand tribute, or hire them for a job. This could help or hurt your time in the city.
A Duergar is offering money to anyone who will spend 3 rounds with him in the ring in his grown form. Anyone who can either stay on their feet or beat him will get a cash prize.
Dwarven agents of the Ironeater clan are in hot pursuit of someone claiming to have treasures from Malburg Citadel. They want to relieve the treasures and extract the information about the lost location.
An Orc and former-soldier and his squad mates are heading to do battle with a group of Elven expatriates. Old wounds from the Great War die hard.
A Bardic Rake is on the run from a jealous spouse. No law against it, then again very few frown upon a wounded party getting some payback.
A disgraced Elven Knight wishes to hire a party to help recover some of his or her lost fortunes. This also may require sneaking across the border into Elven territory in the south.
A riot! Anarchists, the poor, or Port Kyna losing a football match have driven people to the streets. The watch are out in force, people are barring their doors, and your party is caught in the middle.
An agent approaches the party to sneak onto Starfish Isle and rob some merchant or sea captain’s house. Nevermind the rumors of the possessions being cursed, the party will fence it soon enough.
Clan Seastrider inspection tour. Watch are on the lookout for malfeasance and are unwilling to overlook minor crimes.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Ravenloft Seeds, Krevborna Soil

Castle Ravenloft... in KREVBBORNA!

So, you love your Krevborna game are like: "I really want to run Curse of Strahd, but where in heckfire am I going to put Castle Ravenloft? Or Barovia?" Fear not, gentle reader, below is a series of Ravenloft material re-imagined and repurposed to fit the haunted lands. You may not use them whole cloth, but hopefully they give you some ideas!

-The Village of Barovia dwells in the borderland region between the frosts of Lamashtu and the groves of Hemlock. In the land of moors and mists, where the River Barov branches from the main river heading to the sea. The moors have a habit of producing mists and fogs that seem to swallow the rough trade routes, making the Barovia run one of the more hazardous runs in the region. It's profit is gems dredged by the Highforge family. The region is shadowed by that of Castle Ravenloft, once the seat for one of Krevborna's first families the ruined castle serves as the home and, and times, the prison of Count Strahd von Zarovich. The Devil Strahd, whose dark bestial gaze searches the area for his lost love.

-Only obscure branches of the Polnezna deal directly with the Count. They also sell potions and charms that allow travelers access through the mists to get to Barovia and the Castle. Like so many cases involving Vampires and the travelers, the Vampires give oaths not to take from blood from the familia in exchange for news and information that the Polnezna can acquire. Especially about the presence of hunters.

-Jacquelin Reneir is the owner of the La Souris Hotel in Piskaro. Known for her dark hair and sun kissed skin, she is often known to be courted by merchants and sailors, who more often lose interest or simply vanish. The Souris, while a respectable looking hotel, is known to attract rodents, and not just the pets of Miss Reneir, it just seems like rats often pop up in places. And no matter how many rat catchers with their small, but vicious dogs are deployed- the rats continue to lurk in the alleyways, closets, and rooms around the hotel.

-Azalin Rex owns Darkon a manor house in the Lamasthu region. He is famous for throwing soirees in his manor for artists, writers, musicians who are attracted to the Frozen North. A charming man, with high cheekbones, a pale forehead with short hair. Azalin has a habit of somehow keeping one or two of his guests to remain. "Oh, you must remain for a time, please!" For some reasons these people cannot say no to the owner. When (and if) said artist is released, they often act as if they have come out of a daze. What have they been up to this whole time?

-Harkon Lukas, the Wolf of Hemlock, is known for his singing voice and gentlemanly manor. It is said that Lukas can charm anyone, be they commoner or even a Greymalk. The only thing the Wolf will not charm are lycanthropes. He is known to hunt shapechangers with a peerless energy that would make him a great hunter, except for the party of him also eating the hearts of his slain foes. You also never see him during a full moon. Maybe he's just at a Rat-Catcher meeting?


Krevborna: A Gothic Blood Opera - Can be purchased here!