Saturday, June 24, 2017

Savage Blackmoor: Super Berries

I only know a little bit about Blackmoor. I own the 3rd edition campaign book that was produced, and I read some of the forums. To me, Blackmoor works on a level when it's a fantasy realm where an alien craft has crash landed, and that craft's future tech has now scattered across the realm. Nobody can reproduce it (not unless they find the fabricator inside, perhaps?) But every once in awhile they'll come across some fiend with a laser gun or something. One of the ships has also left a colony on the planet in the form of the City of the Gods. Let's look at some material we might find in a Blackmoor - Savage Worlds mix.

Super Berries

Brief: These large orange berries are said to glow and pulse with laden arcane energies. Mysterious individuals such as the Wizard of the Wood are known to cultivate these berries in private orchards and take little pity on trespassers trying to steal their berries. Occasionally a super berry makes it way onto the open market, where they can fetch a high price for a consumable.

Mechanics: The Super Berry has a dual purpose. A member of an Arcane Background can consume a Super Berry to regain 1d10+1 Power Points. A Arcane Background user can also use an uneaten berry to Boost a spell. By holding the berry in one hand while casting a spell, the berry's light is exhausted and the spell is treated as either a raise on a success, or a raise+ on a raise. A raise plus might add 2 points of damage, 2 rounds to the duration, or 2 points of protection at the GM's discretion. The berry can still be consumed for nourishment, but the arcane essence has been drained and the power points cannot be gained from eating a used berry.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Savage Worlds: Saurials

Our Assembled Team

The Horned

Brief: The Horned, like all Saurials, are known for their varying scale shades. Predominately green, though there have been reports of shades of brown, red, or more exotic colors like blue with yellow stripes. The Horned are known for the rigid structure of their heads with a bony fin that surround the face. At the tip of their protruding nose is a sharpened horn that they can use in an attack. The Horned are considered one of the strongest of the Saurials.


Strong: Begins play with d6 Strength

Horn: The Horned are known to use their sharpened horn and the spines along their head ridge in combat. This is a natural attack that deals Str+d6 damage.

Low Light Vision: The Horned, like all Saurials, have keen eyes that help them see in conditions less than ideal. They halve any penalties (rounded down) due to bad lighting.

Sluggish: The Horned are strong, but lack grace. At Character Creation it costs 2 points to raise Agility. Raises acquired by leveling up act as normal.

Sample Character

Gorth Ironstep
Novice 0 XP; Horned Warrior

Attributes: Agility d4, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d8, Vigor d8
Skills: Climbing d6, Fighting d8, Intimidation d6, Notice d6, Repair d6, Survival d6, Throwing d4
Traits: Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 9 (2 - Chain Hauberk)
Edges & Hindrances: Brawny / Loyal, Overconfident, Quirky
Special Qualities: Low Light Vision; Natural Attack (Horn)
Armory: Longsword: Dmg: Str+d8; S: Versatile: adds +1 Damage when used in both hands but -1 Parry; 
Gore: Dmg: Str+d6; S: Natural Attack

-Gorth is a melee fighter living in the community of Tumult that has been beset by many enemies on the frontier. Gnolls, giants, and Ghostwise Halflings, all of whom have tried to break the Saurial communities on the frontier, none have failed because of soldiers such as Gorth.

-He is training to wield a Greatsword. As of now, he is deadly with a longsword, swinging it two hands for a little extra damage.

-Will attempt to charge enemies and gore them. Charging and ending with a gore may add a circumstance bonus of +1 to the Damage due to the momentum of the blow.


The Finback

Brief: Finbacks are slightly taller than their Horned brethren and thicker too. Their scales tend towards green or shades of brown, but have included other shades such as red, or black with volcanic redness in their fins. At the end of their long tail are several spikes they can use as a natural attack. Despite their size, Finbacks are known to at times have a gentle giant nature. A number of Finbacks take vows of miracles. Their religion ranges from deities of Nature to deities of Strength or Healing. Blackscale Finbacks are known to worship powers of Flame and are charged to take up vendettas whenever their community is wronged.


Tough: Begins play with d6 Vigor

Tail: Finbacks whip their tail to strike at targets. The tail deals Str + d6 points of damage and has Reach: 1

Low Light Vision: The Finback, like all Saurials, have keen eyes that help them see in conditions less than ideal. They halve any penalties (rounded down) due to bad lighting.

Sluggish: The Finback are tough, but lack grace. At Character Creation it costs 2 points to raise Agility. Raises acquired by leveling up act as normal.

Sample Character

Creed Flamekeeper

Attributes: Agility d4, Smarts d6, Spirit d8, Strength d8, Vigor d6
Skills: Climbing d6, Faith d8, Fighting d6, Healing d6, Notice d6, Persuade d6, Swimming d4
Traits: Pace: 6; Parry: 4 (-1 - Maul); Toughness: 8 (2 - Chain Hauberk)
Edges & Hindrances: Arcane Background (Miracles), Brawny / Heroic, Loyal, Habit (Mi: Chews & Spits seeds)
Special Qualities: Low Light Vision; Natural Attack (Tail Whip)
Armory: Maul: Dmg: Str+d8; S: Parry: -1; AP: 2 vs. Rigid Armor; Tail Whip: Dmg: Str+d6; S: Reach: 1
Arcane (Power Points: 10): Healing (Symbol of Cauterize); Flame Tongue (Burst; Fire)

-Creed is a Blackscale Finback who lives in the Human community of Tumult as a lay member of the Church of Flame. He is both a healer and battle cleric for the community, preaching both the boons of fire (the ash helps things grow, it keeps us warm at nights) and the banes upon enemies (fire burns all flesh).

-His heroic hindrance means he will help almost anyone in need. Though he can be quite fearsome in battle, he will generally take prisoners except for the most depraved for sinister characters (who somehow were not burned to death in the fight). He will gladly run into a burning or collapsing building to save the innocent of any race.


The Bladeridge

Brief: Bladeridges scale colors include greens and browns as normal. They also have more exotic scales such as grey, white with black stripes, or shades of purple. Out of any of the Saurials, Bladeridges are the ones outsiders encounter the most. When they encounter Bladeridges, they find a group of Saurials that are strong, tough, and honorable. Their codes are drilled into them to the point that several Paladins of jungle and mountain regions descend from the ranks of the Bladeridge.


Strong: Begins play with d6 Strength

Claws: Bladeridges begin play with claws. These claws can be combined with abilities such as 'Frenzy' to make two claw attacks.

Low Light Vision: The Bladeridge, like all Saurials, have keen eyes that help them see in conditions less than ideal. They halve any penalties (rounded down) due to bad lighting.

Honorable Mien: Bladeridges have both an innate and cultural sense of a moral code that they follow. They will not mistreat prisoners whenever possible, they themselves will not readily ambush an enemy, and they will try to parlay when they can. If allies use duplicity they will accept it, but it is a grudging acceptance. They begin play with the Code of Honor hindrance.

Sample Characters

Sleshinger Spellslinger

Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d6
Skills: Climbing d4+2, Fighting d6, Investigation d6, Knowledge (Arcana) d6, Notice d6, Persuasion d6, Spellcasting d8, Throwing d4
Traits: Pace: 6; Parry: 6 (+1 - Staff); Toughness: 5
Edges & Hindrances: Arcane Background (Magic), New Power / Code of Honor, Curious, Outsider, Quirk
Special Qualities: Low Light Vision, Natural Weapon (Claws), Honorable Mien
Armory: Claws: Dmg: Str+d6; S: Natural Attack; Staff: Dmg: Str+d4; S: Parry: +1; Reach: +1; 
Dart (3/6/12): Dmg: Str+d4; S: -1 Parry/-1 Fighting if used in melee
Arcane (10 Power Points): Armor (Mage Armor), Bolt (Magic Missile), Detect/Conceal Arcana (Detect Magic, Obfuscate Magic), Light (Enchanted Crystal)
Magic Items: Potion of Healing, Scroll of Burst x2, Scroll of Succor x2

-Sleshinger (or Slesh for short) is a Mage living in the border town of Tumult. He is a general practitioner in the field of Metamagic (the magic the directly manipulates the flow of mana). Thus his powers typically deal in force energy, detecting and concealing arcana, and mage armor rather than any specific energy type.

-Slesh inherited his mother's staff. While it isn't directly magical yet, it is very nice looking and bejeweld. Perhaps with the right artificer it can become something overtime. For now, he uses the crystal at the top as the focus for his light spells.


The Flyer

Brief: Flyers scale colors include green and brown. They also include scale colors such as gold, pale blue, and foggy gray. They are the 'smallest', relatively speaking, of the Saurial. They stand at the height of a short Human or Dwarf rather than being truly small. A Flyer must take some care not to get their wings harmed. Generally when a Flyer takes a wound they have a difficulty lifting from the ground as sensations of pain course through their arms and wings.


Agile: Begins play with d6 Agility

Flight: Flyers live up to their namesake. They can fly at their normal pace with an ability to "run" - in this case meaning to fly faster.

Low Light Vision: Flyers, like all Saurials, have keen eyes that help them see in conditions less than ideal. They halve any penalties (rounded down) due to bad lighting.

Hollow Bones: Begins play with a -1 Toughness due to a weaker bone structure.

Peck: Has a Peck attack that deals Str + d6 damage.

Feeble: Flyers are agile, but there is a cost. At character creation, it costs 2 points to raise a Flyer's Strength score. Raises after character creation due to level up can level up strength as normal. 

Sample Character

Charcie Windsail

Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d8, Spirit d6, Strength d4, Vigor d6
Skills: Climbing d4, Fighting d6, Notice d8+2, Shooting d4, Stealth d8, Swimming d4, Taunt d6, Throwing d6, Tracking d6
Traits: Pace: 6/6 (Flight); Parry: 5; Toughness: 5 (1 - Leather Jerkin; Torso)
Edges & Hindrances: Alertness / Curious, Big Mouth, Greedy (Mi)
Special Qualities: Flight, Natural Weapon (Peck), Low Light Vision
Armory: Dagger (x5): Str+d4; S: Thrown (3/6/12); Chakram (x2) (4/8/16): Str+d4; S: Range Weapon Only: -1 Parry / -1 Fighting in melee combat; Peck: Dmg: Str+d6; S: Natural Attack

-Charcie is a Flyer and puts her talents to good use by serving as a Scout for the city of Tumult. She is known to take flight and observe any attacks heading towards the city. She is lightly armored and must take care when going in for closer inspection to use her stealth to avoid direct engagements.

-When a fight breaks out she will take to the skies, flying in range to thrown chakrams or daggers at targets and then swooping up. The danger is very real, if she is caught by a bolt it can easily fell her.

-Even when she cannot attack she can still aid, she uses her squawks and taunts to shake up the enemy, leaving them exposed to the blades of others.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Savage Worlds: Slay Slender Man!

Might need more laser sights on him. Just saying.

Precis: It's Monsters Must Die! again and the party is contracted to take down the big one. The abductor of children, filmmakers, and teenagers who are dared to enter his realm. The target: Slenderman.

Conspectus: Since his 'existence' or at least the first reports of such a creature in 1983. The Slender Man aka The Operator aka The Bogeyman aka... he is considered the biggest prize. Paranormal institutes wish to study the corpse, government scientists wish to learn where this creature teleports too, a large segment of parents of missing children want to know what this thing has done to their children. Since the Cushing-Lee has been in place and monster hunting (also known as Paranormal Extermination) is licensed and a legal enterprise, this creature represents the largest payday for the hunter who can bring him or it down.

The Party has the following objectives for full bounty:

-The Slender Man: This being's body carries the highest market value of a paranormal entity. Any organization a prospective hunter wishes to sell too must turn in at least 51% of the carcass. Use of heavy explosives are ill-advised.

-Locate and secure location: Rumors abound that Slender Man either lives on a piece of property in the woods outside of Stirling City. Theories also abound his ability to shift from location to location is a form of teleportation. The Slender Man does not simply 'teleport', rather he shifts and travels across his reality which perhaps is some eldritch reflection of the world. The chance to begin exploring this Other World or Ethereal Plane would be utmost interest to benefactors. If players can get into his world and bring back evidence, they would be rewarded.

-Hostage recovery: Over the years of the many apparitions of the Slender Man, a number of individuals have vanished either being kidnapped or into his care. Requests are made to try to locate and recover hostages. This, to several benefactors, is considered a low priority PR boost rather than a major paying job.


The Slender Man
Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d8, Spirit d10, Strength d12, Vigor d10
Skills: Confusion d10, Fighting d10, Notice d8, Puppet d8, Stealth d12, Teleport d12
Traits: Pace: 6?; Parry: 7; Toughness: 8; Size: +1
Hindrances: Weakness (Vision)
Edges: Frenzy, Superpowers
Notes: The Slender Man seems to be unable or unwilling to move much when he is under direct contact. However this does not prevent it from unleashing its powers of attacking with a number of tentacles that it can product from its back. It currently appears that killing it causes its essence or whatever its made of to retreat to this so-called mirror universe.

Tentacles (w/ Frenzy 2 tentacle attacks at -2): Damage: Str+d6; S: Reach: 1

Powers (Each Ability has 10 power points associated with it): Puppet, Confusion, Teleport

Child of Slender Man
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d8, Strength d8, Vigor d8
Skills: Climb d6, Fighting d8, Notice d6, Stealth d8, Swim d6, Throwing d6
Traits: Pace: 8; Parry: 6; Toughness: 7
Hindrances: Delusional (Major) / Edges: Fleet Footed, Brawny

Knife: Str+d4; S: Thrown w/ Ranges 3/6/12

A map of the grounds Slender Man seems to haunt.
Encounters and Card Draws

Once again as the player's traverse the darkness, the GM might want to consider asking for an event card draw. If the card is a face, a form of encounter takes place. We have the following:

Clubs: A major calamity has hit the area again. Rain, fog, snow, high winds. Something that complicates what would otherwise be a damn fine plan to blow up Slender Man. On a King or Ace of Clubs, the party has inadvertently split up and are separated.

Diamonds: Some form of boon helps the party. They find a working truck or supplies. A piece of much needed equipment they request (perhaps like a howitzer) is available. On a King or Ace of Diamonds, a powerful paranormal being known as the Mothman approaches the party. It is frustrated that the Slender Man is disrespecting its home and offers the players a boon, such as way to access to the Ethereal realm or an item that can weaken the Slender Man. Do the players take something from a creature they might hunt later?

Hearts: Those damn teens! The party bumps into a teen who was dared to climb the fence and hunt for the so-called 8 pages. Teens can also be camping as part of the usual ritual of partying or amorous actions. On a King or Ace draw, the party comes upon one of the 8 pages themselves. They say taking one of the 8 will attract the Slender Man. Is the party ready to deal with that?

Spades: The party is attacked or at least stalked by the Slender Man. Attackers may include corrupted wildlife, one of Slender Man's children attacks the party. The Slender Man may even stand off to the side, trying to use its powers on a person. On a King or Ace draw, the Slender Man enrages and attacks with full tentacles and powers.