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Artemis Deadly - Moppet Rogue

Name: Artemis Deadly
Class: Rogue (Dex) ( 1 ) / Theme: Assassin / Size: Small / Move: 20 ft. / Initiative: +4
Vision: Normal / Comeliness: 12

Attribute: Strength: 12 (+1), Dexterity 18 (+4), Constitution 13 (+1), Intelligence 13 (+1), Wisdom 11 (+0), Charisma: 13 (+1)

Wounds Points: 5 / Vitality Points: 6 / Attack Bonus (1/2 Level + Prime Attribute): +5

Defenses: Fortitude: 12 / Reflex: 17 / Will: 12 (Notes: +2 of Reflex is class Bonus - Rogue) / Armor: DR: 1 (Cloth)

Skills: Acrobatics (+6), Appraise (+1), Athletics (+1), Bluff (+3), Craft (+1), Diplomacy (+3), Disguise (+1), Dungeoneering (+1), Endurance (+1), Handle Animal (+0), Heal (+0), History (+1), Insight (+0), Intimidate (+1), Literacy (+1), Mechanics (+4), Music (+3), Nature (+1), Nobility (+1)

Perception (+5 - Class), Pilot (+4), Religion (+0), Stealth (+9 - Class), Streetwise (+1)
Survival (+0), Technics (+1), Trick (+8), Warcraft (+1)

Weapons (Attk: +5): Dagger (x2): Dmg: 1d4+1, R: 10 ft. / Snapblade: Dmg: 1d3+1, S: +3 Trick check to conceal said weapon / Handcrossbow (x10 Ammo): Dmg: 1d4, R: 30 ft. / Shortsword: Dmg: 1d6+1 / Garrote Wire: Dmg: 1d6, S: Strange: -5 to Reflex to resist other attacks while struck; mutes victim; targets must be small or smaller.


Racial: Death-Defying Resilience (M):
Once daily, 2 minutes after you die, you
automatically recover to 1 wound point and
0 vitality, provided you were reduced to no
less than -20 hit points.

Immortal Build: You do not age and cannot die of old age. You do not gain benefits or suffer penalties due to age. Also, you have no need to breathe or eat and in fact lack anatomy to do so though you can still benefit from magic potions. You must sleep as normal. You can still gain sensory information (such as sniffing the air or tasting a flavor).
Lightning Rod: Apply a -5 penalty on saves to resist electrical attacks and effects. Electricity really harms you.
Moppet Immunity: Moppets are robust. You ignore mundane diseases and inhaled gases and enjoy a +2 bonus to resist mundane poison.
Moppet Skills: Apply a +2 bonus on Acrobatics, Bluff, Diplomacy, Music, and Trick checks.
Resist Healing: Due to your artificial nature, you do not heal wound damage due to rest. Also, magic abilities that heal wounds such as Lay on Hands provide only ½ the normal benefit.
Stabilize: When reduced to negative wound points, you automatically stabilize.
Suggestible: You are easily influenced by mind-affecting magic and suffer a -2 penalty on Will to resist magic attacks and effects.

Racial Talents (Chosen): Hidden Knife: You enjoy a +2 bonus on Trick checks, or a +10 bonus to hide or produce a knife as a move action. 

Knife Artist: You are proficient with light blades and enjoy a +1 bonus on attack roles using such weapons.

Class: Dodge: As an immediate action, you declare that you ignore 1 melee weapon attack before you know whether it hits you. Requires Dexterity 15+ and works only in Light or no armor. Costs 2 vitality.

Infiltrator: You move quietly and attentively through shadows. Apply a +5 bonus on Perception and Stealth checks. 

Sneak Attack: When a foe is dazed, surprised, helpless or otherwise defenseless, apply +1 to your attack roll and +5 damage. Ranged attacks count as sneak attacks only if the target is within 30 ft.
Sneak Attack only works against living creatures and creatures with discernible weak points—oozes, plants, and incorporeal creatures lack vital areas to attack. Any creature that is immune to critical hits ignores Sneak Attack. You must be able to see the target well enough to pick out a vital spot and must be able to reach such a spot. You cannot use Sneak Attack while striking a creature with concealment
or striking the limbs of a creature whose vitals are beyond reach. A grappled creature is not helpless or defenseless.

Theme (The Assassin): Assassination: Once daily as a swift action, the next adjacent target that you hit with a weapon that same round that is surprised, helpless or defenseless suffers +15 damage. Costs 5 vitality.

-Artemis Deadly was the creation of a mad guildmaster who envisioned an a cadre of killer Moppets he could use to infiltrate and eliminate people who hired his services or rivals. Unfortunately for the guildmaster, Artemis attained sentience and picked up a desire to be his own boss. He slew his maker in his own bed.

-Artemis looks decrepit, but his exaggerated features and pale blue felt lulls people to thinking he is 'cute'. Deadly does not mind using such misconceptions to get close. Humans, Halflings, and Elves are the most susceptible, having little contact with construct types. Gnomes tend to be wary of him.

-Artemis uses the money from jobs to repair his felt work, maintain his lodgings in a discreet corner of the neighborhood, and purchase poisons to make the job easier.

The Boiler: Spelljammer

The big talk in my circle of contacts and friends has been all about heresy and older gaming material. It got me thinking on my own relationship, or lack of relationship in regards to material and settings of yesteryear. I own a lot of gaming PDF's and material, but I find myself in agreement that a lot of the material I really cannot or don't care to use. It is material that might benefit the reader, but doesn't offer as much as it claims to the Game Master. Sometimes it does, and that's cool, but I never wanted to read dozens of splat books. For instance: Spelljammer. I love the concept of Spelljammer! Arcane powered ships, space pirates, and hippo-men who love firearms. Great stuff. It did however have a lot of problems. It was often inconsistent and it's tone sort of fluctuated from dark, or at least dramatic stuff (Slavery, xenophobia, Elves perpetuating genocide against humanoids they do not like) to humor that was juvenile ('Those Gnomish side wheelers should be powered by giant hamsters!')

I don't mean to keep heaping praise on Scarabae, but it and Jack Shear's Krevborna both inspired me to intrdouce The Boiler. This method is boiling a campaign setting to parts I think are really good about the setting. So! What can we boil about Arcane Space?

The Rock of Bral

It is said that if Arcane Space needed a center, Bral, or as it's often called "The Rock" would be it. Once a large asteroid capable of supporting a verdant underside, the Rock of Bral has gone from a space pirate hub to a legitimate trading center thanks to House Frun. The House itself has it's origins as pirates and scalawags before Captain Frun used his crew and support from the merchants who had begun to immigrate to Rock to throw out the riffraff and declare himself a 'Prince'. Frun's legacy continues with his son, Andru. Andru has managed to keep himself and the Rock a neutral port of commerce, despite the conflicts that have erupted throughout the region.

The Shadow of the Curled Tentacle

Modern Arcane Space takes place after the collapse of the Mindflayer Empire (the Imperium). Planets such as Falx and Darkwater are but a remnant of the old order. Mindflayers still exist and continue to travel on their Nautaloid craft through Arcane Space. They chafe at the last of influence and conspire to one day gain dominion over other races. What power the Mindflayer's have amassed is the secret of forging Jammer Helms, the arcane engines required to get a ship into space. Their manufacturing planet, Falx is considered the greatest prize to Mindflayers and a target for other races.

Movers & Shakers

Besides Mindflayers, the movers and shakers of Arcane Space include the Elves and Scro. The Elven Dominion spans many a planet including Pacifica, Orior, Gorth, and Lionheart. Humanity and its kingdoms often live under the 'protection' of the Dominion Navy and if they don't contribute men, they at least contribute protection tribute in keeping the space routes opens. The Scro are a bestial race. In another world they might be known as 'Orcs' - save for jet black or deep maroon skin tones, but the Scro do not merely live for plunder and war. They can at times be calculating and willing to treat in parlay with other races. Their homeworld of Dukagsh is something of a volcanic homeworld, good for ore production. The Scro have fought several wars against the Dominion and long for a day when Scro iron boots march upon Lionheart's golden streets to pay back the Elves for their treatment.


The Spacesea of Arcane Space is home to asteroid belts, clusters, and other places where gangs of pirates launch raids from to plunder, rob, and murder. Groups such as the Bloodstone Boys, the Judged, and the Red Lotus are just some of the groups and ships that exist in Arcane Space. Most notorious of these groups include the Chainmen who are pirates and agents who deal with the awful institution of slavery and Tenth Pit a pirate-mercantile group who owe both their success and fealty to demons and the power known as the Devil.


Not all of Arcane Space is merely pirates, fiends, and xenophobes. Players of a heroic quality can find patronage with organizations such as The Pragmatic Order of Thought (POTS), an anti-slavery organization. Fireball Alliance, an organization of Wizards seeking to keep evil in check as much as possible. Players might also view themselves as sellswords might wish to work for mercenary organizations such as The Trading Company or Valkan's Legion.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Hound Archon

Down the street from the pair stood the limestone bricks and colored glass lanterns of the building. In a city whose chosen color was gray, the building was a beacon of light. Of the pair, the Gnome Barnabas remarked to his taller companion: "That's the Celestial Embassy. You're sure your charge wanted something out of that place?" He asked. His eyes flicked back to the building.
"I was told they'd make it worth my while if I could fetch something out of there. I figure with the cleaners we've seen go in and out, it shouldn't be any trouble." Daria's brow raised. As the last cleaner rolled their cart down the flowing staircase a pair of guardians emerged and stood upon the porch. Their skin was a dark purple and their eyes glowed with a dim gold light. Their skin was smooth, muscular, with a thickness that she imagined could shrug off sword or arrow wound. Their heads were quite different, but what was different in the outer planes? Their heads were muzzled, like that of a noble hound with two pointed ears that were curled in idleness.
"That's the only problem, Daria." Barnabas said. "The Hound Archons are all over the place and at best will knock you out with a single blow."
"Can they detect thieves?" She asked.
"No... I don't think so. I know a couple of times they hauled a cleaner out when it turned out it was a demon in disguise."

 Hound Archon

Brief: Guardians of the celestial realms, often sent to protect a mortal that is especially important to the forces of good, Hound Archons are seen as the shock troopers of the upper planes. They appear as muscular humanoids with the heads of hounds or wolves with a soft golden glow to their eyes. Their greatswords or halberds are forged to easily cut demon flesh. Most prefer using their innate toughness over armor, though a few Hound Archon commanders are known to wear brightforge plate. Hound Archons begin as simply good aligned soldiers, but those who prove themselves as exceptional candidates are chosen to become Paladins in the service of a deity.

Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit d8, Strength d10, Vigor d8
Skills: Climbing d8, Fighting d8, Notice d6+2, Shooting d6, Swimming d6, Throwing d6
Traits: Pace: 6; Parry: 6 (Often 5 w/ Greatsword); Toughness: 7
Specials and Attacks:
Greatsword: Str+d10, S: 2-Hands, -1 Parry or Halberd: Str+d8, S: 2-Hands, Reach 1 - All weapons are 'brightforged' as in made to pierce fiendish flesh.

Brawny & Alertness: +1 Toughness due to size and build. +2 on Notice checks due sharp senses. Hound Archons also have Darkvision that allows them to see up to 60 ft. (12) in total darkness.

Damage Resistance (Cold Iron): Hound Archons can only be wounded by magical, cold iron, or fiendforged weaponry. Most mundane weapons bounce off a Hound Archon's flesh.

Detection: Hound Archons get a Notice roll -2 to see through demons in disguise. On a success, the disguised demon glows with a black aura in the eyes of the Hound Archon. Hound Archons will often attack without mercy when dealing with fiends.

Beast Shape (Pool: 5; Cost: 4; Duration: 1 Hour per Spirit Die): A Hound Archon has 5 PP exclusively for Shape Change in which they assume the figure of a hound or wolf. The power lasts for a long duration. In their beast form a Hound Archon may not use weapons or items they carried as it merges in their body. Any spells they may possess can still be cast. The disguise is near perfect, though their eyes often have a glow about them.

Magic & Paladinhood: Certain Hound Archons are uplifted further and given Arcane Background (Miracles) and Holy Warrior edge. In this case, a Hound Archon also has Faith d6 or Faith d8 depending on how long they've been in the service to their patron. Paladins are quite often WC officers in the armies of the noble.